Arlene Whitt Collection

From Thom Petersen (2022): “Arlene invited me over to see her old photos … Just some loose old family/friends photos …. I brought some home and i scanned them … Some were heavily rolled up with age they were sitting in a shoe box … They had to be flattened with books for a few weeks before putting them in my scanner …. Only the ones with the Racine backdropped were scanned … This was years ago …. I returned them to her with her permission to post some once in a while. …. For a while i was a photo archeologist! … People just throw away old family photos … i just don’t get it …”

“Peerin’ on the Piers”
There was a time when Racinians would stroll out on the piers of Racine.
It was most popular for gals and guys!!
“Let’s go do some peerin’ at da girls fellas!”
…. Notice …
Big Red [lighthouse] is standing tall out at the end of the pier on the right ride.