Haumerson Sura Stauss

(Rip Holly, February, 2021) Hey Todd…a friend of mine was at an antique store in Milwaukee on Saturday…and she found (and bought) a report card of a girl who attended Horlick during the 1954-1955 school year.

I did some digging and was able to find some pretty good family history.

The girl was Judy Haumerson (she passed away last year)…and her father was Milton Haumerson. Her mother was named Grace…and after Milton passed away in 1944…Grace married a George Sura…and they were divorced in 1959.

Milton’s father was J.H. Haumerson (a well known brick manufacturer)…and his mother was Caroline Stauss. Caroline’s father was John Stauss…a well known long-time Case employee.

This morning…my friend sent me a pic of a picture that she found in the same box that she found the report card in. It looks like there was at least one other pic…but she only took the one that I’m attaching. Unfortunately…there’s no way to tell if the picture is connected to the report card.

It’s interesting because the print appears to be flipped horizontally as evidenced by the address appearing to be backwards. I see that a lot with scanned images…but very rarely with prints.

These types of mysteries can be very frustrating trying to solve…especially when the picture might not even be from Racine…but I just wanted to pass this along.

Report card of Judy Haumerson, 1955, found in a Milwaukee, Wis. antique store
John Stauss…a well-known long-time Case employee
Birth of Haumerson daughter, August 5, 1937
J. H. Haumersen Dies Suddenly, September 11, 1942
Obituary of Milton F. (Stubby) Haumersen, February 23, 1950
J. Haumersen, front row, far right