John A. Hood, photographer

Here is a real photo postcard of a dog from Hood photography studio. I believe that the embossed studio information in the lower left corner says: J. A. Hood, 931 Milwaukee Avenue, Racine, Wis. The eBay listing says this postcard is from 1908. Was 931 Milwaukee Avenue renamed 931 Geneva Avenue? The Wisconsin photographers index says that John Alexander Hood was an active photographer from 1900 to 1928.
931 Geneva seems to be the same address as 931 Milwaukee Street. This is from the 1906 Racine City Directory.
June 11, 1902: Mr. John A. Hood, the well-known Milwaukee avenue photographer, was engaged for the day photographing the animals, groups and scenes about the Wallace Brothers circus. Mr. Hood has received an order for several thousand photos by the Wallace company.
This is 931 Geneva Street, Racine, Wis., in 2023. According to Gerald Karwowski, Hood’s photo studio is the smaller building you can see behind the main house.
Green Bay Press-Gazette, January 3, 1931. John A. Hood, 56, theatrical photographer, horticulturalist and entertainer, died at his bachelor residence here today. Hood was widely known among theatrical folk since he was for many years the official photographer for local theatres when billboard displays were desired. As an amateur gardener, he was one of the first home owners here to beautify his residence with flower beds, bordered with vari-colored rocks and a fountain. Hood’s accomplishments as a “whistler” resulted in several appearances on broadcast programs from Milwaukee, Chicago and a local station.