Luedtke Brothers Garage

Luedtke Brothers Garage in 1940 Racine phonebook

Luedtke Brothers Garage in 1940 Racine phonebook

Marty Martinsen writes: “I’m looking for info from Racine. My great grandfather owned Luedtke Bros Garage. If anybody has pics, please post. Thanks.”

1202 N. Main Street, former location of Luedtke Brothers Garage.

1202 N. Main Street, former location of Luedtke Brothers Garage.

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  1. My father, bought the building from Mr. Teiges (spelling?) around 1979. Mr. Teiges purchased the building from a Mr Luedtke. I am guessing on this but, I want to say approximately 25 years before. My father, David Hendricks, is the current owner of the property, all the way around to the garages on Hamilton ave. He ran an automotive collision repair shop from the large garage facing Main st. He (David) currently resides above the retail store on the corner of Main and Hamilton. Over the years I recall some pictures of Mr Luedtke standing with cars that looked like model T’s . I think the blue prints for the first garage renov.
    Please contact me via email and I will coordinate an opportunity for you to review some of the items we still have. Perhaps you might be interested and may want to post.?

    • My Father ran our family business (Darrey Construction Co) out of the front office for several years in the late 60’s until we built a new building a block up at 1324. The repair shop was originally called Meekma-Klemens however evidently the partnership hadn’t panned out because the Klemens name was painted over when we were there. I want to say Mr Herman Luedtke still lived upstairs. There was a one story addition to the north in the parking lot and I remember Jack Meekma telling my Dad that he heard a loud thud and found Mr Luedtke picking himself up and dusting off his overalls after falling off the one story roof! Charley White ran the grocery immediately next store at 1200 at the time! The owner of the shop later was Bob Tigges and he ran Tigges Auto Body!

  2. Sorry I have not checked back until now. I have some pics of my great grandfather digging the foundation by hand .
    Please feel to drop me a line .

    • Marty I am the grandson of Ernest and Mary Luedtke. I am living in Colorado and have been for 45 years.

  3. My dad Larry Garski and his cousin Ken Luedtke drew and painted a winter/Christmas scene on that window when my dad was in high school 1954-58 at SCHS. I have a picture of it I’d love to share with you!

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