Melli Chocolates

Chocolates For Your Valentine
Melli Homemade ...
Hand Dipped Chocolates
In Plain and Fancy
Heart Shaped Boxes
75 cents to $10
Made In Our Own Kitchen
Melli Chocolates and Ice Cream
920 State Street
Jackson 2077
Advertisement for Melli Chocolates, Racine Journal-Times, February 12, 1948.
920 State Street in 2023
Milk Chocolate
Easter Eggs 15 cents each
Hand Decorated
1/2 pound milk or dark
chocolate fruit nut eggs or
assorted flavors -- beautifully
hand decorated with
name or greeting -- packed
in gift box
each 49 cents
Large selection other
Easter novelties
Milk Chocolate Easter Eggs, Racine Journal-Times, April 13, 1962.