Racine Garment Company

Framed Racine Garment Co. photo from Brian Scheller
Articles of incorporation of the Racine Garment Co., were filed with the register of deeds today. The incorporators are: Mary J. Toft, Marius C. Wadmond, Claudie M. Christianson, Nicholas H. Gantenmein and John Toft. The capital stock is $10,000, divided into shares of $1,000 each. The objects are manufacture and sales of ladies' garments.
From the Racine Weekly Journal, January 13, 1905
Racine City Directory, 1906.
The Racine Garment Co. is on the northeast corner of 14th and Clark.
This is the northeast corner of 14th and Clark in 2023.
Manufacturers Clearance Sale
of fine Dress Skirts
We have purchased the entire stock of fine Dress Skirts from the Racine Garment Co. and are placing same on sale tomorrow, Saturday--at our two stores--at manufacturers' cost.
Racine Daily Journal, June 5, 1908
I wonder if this means that Racine Garment Co. went out of business.
1908 Sanborn insurance map showing the Racine Garment Co. building near the large number 27
The case of German Artistic Weaving Company against Racine Garment Company, also went over (the term).
This lawsuit against Racine Garment Company by the German Artistic Weaving Company seems to have come right at the end of Racine Garment’s existence. Maybe this is what caused it to shut down. Racine Daily Journal, October 15 1908.
In the book Public Documents of the State of Wisconsin for 1907 1908, it shows that there are 6 men and 29 women for a total of 35 people working at the Racine Garment Co.