Racine History wishlist

Racine history wishlist: OK, these are pie-in-the-sky wishes, but sometimes those come true!

  1. I would like virtual reality goggles connected to a database of Racine history that would let me walk around Memorial Square (for instance) and see all the old buildings in their original places with explanations of everything.
  2. I would like some kind of system that could analyze and crosscheck a huge amount of digital history information — photos, telephone books, city directories, newspapers, etc. … and come up with stories and correlations that nobody had announced before.
  3. I would like the Racine history community to fund a Racine History position, so that someone getting a degree in history could also produce books that we would like to read.

What’s on your Racine history wishlist?

One thought on “Racine History wishlist

  1. Pabst Brewery Tied Properties in Racine: Having grown up in MIlwaukee near the Pabst Brewery and now living in Racine, I’m drawn to the pre-prohibition Pabst tied properties in Racine. There is a now-closed tavern at 1300 16th St (King Daddies? listed as Pops Tavern in the 1975 Renewing our Roots: Racine Booklet) There is a photograph at Regency Mall of The Pabst Hotel on State and Wisconsin, long gone and replaced with a bank. I’ve heard that the building that now houses Ivanhoes on Main st was a Pabst tied house. What is the history of these properties?

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