Front room in the attic, looking toward College Avenue


Back hallway

Basement, looking east from main room

Basement, looking east from entrance hallway

Bird cage

Front room of basement, facing College Avenue

Alan with boats on College Avenue

View looking south from roof of front porch

Garage of 1401 seen from backyard of 1405

Garden in backyard

Jason at Todd's desk

Living room

Molly in her bed in the kitchen

Molly on the patio in the backyard

Table in the breakfast nook

Todd in the breakfast nook from the kitchen

Jason's darkroom

Our exchange student from Italy, Monica Ziviani

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One Response to “1405 College Avenue”

  1. Lin Kanitz says:

    I am a school mate of Monica’s. We went to school at J.I. Case High School. I am looking for her but can not find her. Is she still in contact with you and do you know how I can get in touch with her?

    Lin Kanitz

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