4 Responses to “New York, Summer 2012”

  1. Aliou says:

    - Love the photo of the shoes! It reminds me of a fnired (the groom) who when kneeling at the alter, his “friends” had unknowingly put “HELP ME” on the soles of his shoes I like “I DO” much better:)July 30, 2011 5:15 pm

  2. Also, genau diesen Spot kenn ich leider nicht…dafür bin ich wohl ein wenig zu jung. Allerdings gibt's bei uns im Ort noch so ein "altes" Kino (in dem es auch noch diese alten Holzklappstühle gibt), wo nach der Eiswerbung erstmal der Eiswagen angefahren kommt! :)

  3. Julie George – Kelly….this is beautiful! For those of us who could not be there physically but where there in spirit…this means so much! Thank you for sharing it! ♥

  4. http://www./ says:

    island of the blue dolphins by o’della little princess by burnettdancing shoes and ballet shoes by streatfielda wrinkle in time by l’engleall read many many times. as an adult, i almost NEVER reread a book. even when i like it loads. and i just read all the books above to my daughter, too.

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