Staten Island, NY 2013” by Jason M Wallace

Work by Bethel photographer Jason M. Wallace is on display in the Gifford Gallery through May 17, 2017.

The 14 black and white and color photographs in this exhibit include rural and urban scenes that range from the New York City skyline to the Staten Island shoreline and a snow-covered dam and spillway in Waterbury, VT.

Wallace says that as a youth, photography brought together an interest in chemistry and a longtime enjoyment of drawing .Working at first with pinhole cameras, he processed negatives in a bedroom closet darkroom. After receiving a BFA in 1992, and an MFA in 1999, Wallace moved to New York City in 2000 to work as a studio photographer at the Museum of Modern Art.

“I vowed to carry my camera every day to improve the odds of capturing dramatic or sublime moments along the way,” he writes in his artist’s bio. “As it turned out a terrorist attack, a blackout, an earthquake, and a major hurricane happened during my 16 years there.”

Some of the photographs in this exhibit are shots taken during this period. In 2015 he moved to Vermont, happy to leave the city and his long daily commute behind.

“My commute is now a mere 45 minutes and I observe the mountain light and woodland hills as I roll past. I have the peace of mind once again to study the changing seasons and to focus on the beauty that surrounds me,” he writes.

This exhibit, which is free and open to the public, will be displayed through May 17, 2017. The gallery is located just inside the hospital’s main entrance at 44 S, Main St. (Route 12) in Randolph. Call Gifford at (802) 728-7000 for more information.


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