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I thought it might be interesting to list the books I use to research Racine history.
Todd Wallace
An English Settler in Pioneer Wisconsin
The Letters of Edwin Bottomley, 1842-1850
Milo M. Quaife, Editor
Published by the Wisconsin State Historical Society, Madison, Wisconsin, 1918

Diary of Daisy Winifred Brumsey, 1908-1910
Daisy Brumsey arrived in Racine from a tiny town in Nebraska as a nineteen-year-old. She lived in boarding houses near downtown and worked in a bank on Monument Square. I found her diary on Ebay and have transcribed the whole thing. I've also included a section of research. For instance, I found out that Daisy lived from 1888 to 1969.

Here is an excerpt from Daisy Winifred's diary about her job at the Manufacturer's National Bank:

MARCH 20, 1909
Dear Journal,
This has been a pleasant day.

This morning I arose at the usual time 6:15 or there about, and was ready for breakfast shortly after seven. I was comfortably busy this morning at the bank -- I might say a "protest" too much. I had one after 11 o'clock. Shortly before eleven Mr. Hueffner sent me to the News and Times offices. On my way back from the News I stopped at the Y.W.C.A. Miss McMullen was not in. Miss Freer was though and had shortly before finished with the little girls' Saturday morning class. She was going up to the First M.E. where the Y.W.C.A. were serving dinner (or preparing to) to the teachers who are attending the Teacher's Convention here, so I waited for her and walked as far as the corner. I left the bank about 12:20, as I was going out, Mr. Shurr (at the adding machine in the rear) called out "Goodbye Daisy." Wasn't that great. But then I don't think much of it -- for he is a crazy monkey anyway -- or I should say, tries to be sometimes.

Racine: Growth and Change in a Wisconsin County
Nicholas C. Burckel, Editor
First printing, 1977. Second printing, 1978.
This is a must-have for the historian. With 646 pages of information, this is the book that got me hooked on Racine history.

Racine: The Belle City
Alice Sankey
Published by the Racine Board of Education through a grant from the Western Printing and Lithographing Company Foundation, Racine, Wisconsin.
This book is fantastic for the Racine historian because of all the pictures, maps, and diagrams. I believe it was published in the 1950s.

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