Salmon-a-rama float in 1988 4th of July parade Racine History Bar token from W.C. Schultz's tavern on Superior

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Deutsche Gesungberien 1928Rye Gewalt writes: "I enjoyed reading your Racine page. It brought back some memories and was just fun to go through. I am sending this picture below showing the German Singing Club on the steps in front of Memorial Hall. I always wondered what people did with their spare time before television. It must have been fun. There is a copy of this hanging in the bar at the German Club on Seventh street. William Gewalt was my grandfather. Regards, Rye Gewalt, Holly Springs, NC"
1224 S Main Street Kathy Coates writes, "I thought you might like a picture of the house I lived in at 1224 S. Main St. from 1988 to 2003. The digital picture is all I have now. I left the original picture with the renovator for the new owners, but it was not given to them—a great loss as the picture was taken around 1897. To the south (left) is the home, at 1222 S. Main, referred to by many as 'The Romeo and Juliet House' because of the balcony. To the north, at 1228, is the 'little red cottage.' The cottage used to serve as the carriage house to the large home seen at the far right of the picture."
1940 Racine Phonebook I got this 1940 Racine phonebook from an estate sale in the 1800 block of Park Avenue.
Luggage sticker from Jones Hotel on College Ave. Luggage sticker from Jones Hotel on College Avenue.
Peters Boarding House fire This picture is inscribed: Ruined by Racine Manufacturing Fire Company Fire. Peters Boarding House No. 3.
Accident in front of Hotel Racine This is an amazing and horrifying account of a streetcar accident at State and Main.
Bill for a hat, 1887 This is an 1887 bill for a "Head dress, Trimming, Points" for $4.25, which, when multiplied by at least 20, sounds like an expensive hat. The shop was run by a Miss C. B. Dombrowsky, dealer in fine millinery, plumes, and tips, at 426 Main Street. Miss Harris paid $4.00, leaving $0.25 on account.
Dick Ammann, archivist at the Racine Heritage Museum, is retiring after 10 years on the job. (December 20, 2009 Racine Journal Times article)

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