7th and Main, Northeast corner

Dennis Tully: Here are 2 historic views of the northeast corner of 7th St. and Main St.

In this photo at right is the “Insurance Exchange Building” which it was called at that time. It was originally the Times-Call Newspaper Building and later the home of Wisconsin Telephone Company. At left are 3 Piggins motor vehicles parked in front of the Miller Motor Co. garage which was later the Brietzke & Pauli Garage. In later years it was occupied by Christensen Draperies.
This photo shows that corner around 1970 or so. All buildings on that block, except the Post Office building were razed. The corner is now occupied by the McMynn parking structure.

600 block of Main Street, 1964 Racine City Directory

East side of street (odd numbers)

601-607 Federal Building, Post Office
202 USN Recruiting Station
204 USMC Recruiting Station
205-19 Collector of Customs
US Department of Health
Bureau of Old Age and Survivors Insurance
Social Security Administration

611 Janes David G Co real estate
Janes Realty Co
Janes Security Co inv bankers

617 Vacant

619 Christensen’s Draperies and Interiors

625 Frank’s Adjustment Bureau Inc collections
Racine Collection Agency
Medical – Dental Hosp Serv Bur
Konnak & Constantine lwyrs
Junior League of Racine Inc