Bill’s Pet Shop

I grew up at 14th and College and went to school at Winslow, so I saw Bill’s Pet Shop every day. I clearly remember when he died — the neighborhood was buzzing for weeks.

Bill’s Pet Shop, between the house and the barn, and all with their backs to Winslow School.

Bill’s barn

From the 1958 phone book

William Hartweg from the 1958 phone book

Bill did not live at 420 14th Street in 1954, so we have a rough time for when he created the pet shop.

In the 1945 City Directory, 420 14th Street was a grocery run by Bill and Lydia Hartweg.

Lydia Hartweg, b. June 13, 1904, d. December 1, 1984, age at death: 80
William Hartweg, b. February 6, 1902, d. January 1, 1979, age at death: 76

Racine Journal Times, August 1954. Maybe before they decided on the name of the shop?

Lydia Hartweb is starting another half century at the same old stand
Lydia Hartweg marking half century of retailing
You can see the barn of Bill’s Pet Shop in the lower right corner.