Tubby’s was open until 1973, when a lawsuit shut down all nude dancing establishments in Racine. Tubby’s was popular with sailors who would come in by the Chicago and Northwestern train from Great Lakes (Naval Station Great Lakes) in North Chicago, Illinois.

Some references say that Tubby’s was owned by Ted Witheral, who was at various times an ex-sheriff and an ex-coroner of Racine.


This jacket belonged to the father of Bill Creuziger.

This jacket belonged to the father of Bill Creuziger.


Here's Tubby's listing in the 1970 City Directory

Here’s Tubby’s listing in the 1970 City Directory

Go-Go of Racine, Inc. vs. City of Racine, 1971

McCue vs. the City of Racine, 1971

Nude Dancer Takes Off On High Court Decision, Milwaukee Sentinel, 1972

Other clubs with nude dancing at the time:

  • Pussycat Lounge on Douglas Ave.
  • Benny’s
  • D’s Set on Racine Street
Scott Cisco’s photo of Main Street in the 1970s with Tubby’s on the left
Racine Journal-Times, June 30, 1971. Amazing hairstyles for Miss Vegas Jones and Miss Jeannette Lynne’a. Come out tonight and paint the town red at Tubby’s Show Lounge!
Racine Journal-Times, August 21, 1970. A novel performance is given by Serpentina, the world famous snake dancer! Six boa constrictors entwine her alluring body as she enhances the stage with her graceful movements of exotic dance.

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