Mixed-Use Buildings

Growing up in Racine, Wis., I noticed that quite a few small shops were built in the front yards of houses in an otherwise residential neighborhood. Owners of these shops generally lived in the house behind, having the shortest possible commute to work.

1644 Washington Avenue
Andrew Hay: My business operated here for many years! Mr. Lloyd lived in the house, and built on to the front to run the Guy Lloyd Agency. 
Christine Neuendorf: I use to live in a house at 835 Washington Ave. behind the tavern called Bud & Kay’s Alibi. ( now I think it’s called the Blue bar) It was a 2 story house and they also rented the upper level of the bar.
2143 Clark Street
2328 Douglas Ave., Olde MKE Pub
“It’s a Bar … We do bar stuff”