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One thought on “Contact

  1. 1/12/15

    Hi! My name is Rudy Garcia, about 30 years ago in a swap meet here in Beautiful Tucson AZ.
    I bought a box with 16 mm film in it. And the only reason that I made the purchase was that one
    Of the canisters was labeled “Los Tigres Del Norte” famous Mexican group. Translation Tigers of the
    North, 25 years later I find out NOT THE SAME GROUP!! This group was what I believed a fishing party
    The film was in the garage all these years, Reason! No projector! So to make a long story short I have seen what the partial aerial film is all about, mainly History!
    See the Chicago IL. World Fair, from the air, Get a birds view of how Soldier Field looked like
    Brand-new after it was built, See the “Grotto” in Dickey Ville WI. Visit La Crosse WI
    Go on a tour from Racine Wisconsin Pure Milk Co. to Iowa with the best salesperson of the year
    View The Great Mississippi River after the horrendous flood. And much much MORE!!!
    View footage of local business and best of all see footage of local folks some could be Kinfolk
    The film is approximately 86 years old. If you or anyone you know have any interest
    Please contact me at email
    Or cell best bet
    (520) 461-3555
    Thank you.
    Rudy Garcia

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