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  1. Regards to you too.

    I am not sure if I can help but if I can I will need to know the specifications of the parts that you need to get your machine running again. Please, when using capital letters in an email you are actually shouting at the recipient.


    George M Gorton

  2. I had the honor of working for Marini Tool & Die during the year 1978. I talked with Albert Sr. about Gorton’s and the founding of Marini’s company. He told me that when he decided make it public, that he was leaving to form his own company, George Gorton wished him well, and said he would see if he could throw Albert any work his way. That is the this very fine gentlemen described it.

  3. My dad worked for George Gorton from the time he got home from WWII to 1974 when the company was sold. George Gorton was a very fair, kind and wonderful employer. I have a signed copy of his book “A Big-ass Boy in the Oil Fields”. Thank you, Mr. Gorton.

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