Racine Boat Corporation

I just got a new postcard from Ebay — a really nice Racine Boat Corporation postcard which features a canoe-looking boat with a gasoline engine on it. The boat reads as follows: Reliability Cruise 80 Miles Across Lake Michigan … Racine Wis to Holland Mich … W1381 … Super Elto … Raboco III … Racine Boat Corporation … Coast Guard Model.
In fact, the Coast Guard station is right behind them, so if they’re in the Root River, they’re going west, upstream the Root River. I like the captain’s hats the two men are wearing, and I like the added touch of child and dog in the boat too.

Racine Boat Corporation postcard, ca. 1910

Racine Boat Corporation postcard, ca. 1910


I’m getting conflicting age information about this postcard — this story seems to imply that the picture is from 1928:

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