National Trunk Corporation

National Trunk Company name plate

National Trunk Company name plate

(Beginning of National Trunk Corporation)

Tariff Reform Record, Volumes 3-7

The New York Press of April 23, 1892, states:
“A gigantic trust of trunk manufacturers, including the great establishments in all portions of the United States, has been effected. The big combine is known as the National Trunk Company, and is capitalized for $2,500,000.”

While the New York Tribune of the same date adds: A big combination of trunk manufacturers, including fifteen of the establishments in Milwaukee, Racine, Chicago, Oshkosh, Cleveland, St. Louis, Cincinnati, Detroit, Louisville and other Western cities, has been effected within the last four days. The syndicate is known as the National Trunk Company and its headquarters is at No. 213 Monroe street, Chicago. By the new arrangement the territory will be divided and each manufacturer will have a section exclusively to himself.

(And the end of the National Trunk Corporation)

The Milwaukee Journal – Aug. 31, 1893

Trunk Trust May Dissolve

It Has Not Been as Successful as Was Expected.

It is stated here upon what appears to be reliable authority that it is quite possible that at a meeting of the directors of the National Trunk company in Chicago today action maybe taken that will result in the dissolution of the trust which was formed a little over a year ago.

At the time of its organization there were eight companies in the combine, and although none have withdrawn the profits have been much less than was expected. It is a well-known fact that the Oshkosh concern, the Schmidt Bros.’ Trunk company, is sorry that it entered and other companies are said to be equally as disgusted with the turn affairs have taken. There are so many influential concerns outside the trust that it has been found utterly impossible to control market prices, and the competition has made it impossible for the trust to do away with much of the expense it hoped to abolish.

Secor Trunk Company, photo taken in 1975

Secor Trunk Company, photo taken in 1975

From the time that the Secor concern of Racine withdrew from the combine it has been steadily weakened and that concern alone has led the trust a very swift competitive race. During the past year at least two of the concerns in the trust have proved a heavy load, those at Louisville and St. Louis. The two, it is said, have caused the trust a loss of over $30,000. Had it not been for these losses it would have been possible to declare a dividend at the meeting today of from 7 to 8 percent, but with the present condition of the combine’s affairs it is doubtful if the organization will come out even.

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  1. I have a national trunk corporation trunk. I was wanting more information on the company or the trunk. I would like to know the era the trunk came from. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

  2. I also have a National Trunk Corporation trunk inherited from my father in law. Believe he brought it from Greece in 1952 (I live in Chile). It is in great shape as I still use it to store my clothes. Believe the tank was also involved in a ship wreck along the coast of Brazil but there is no damage to the trunk. This one was built in Wisconsin. Although I do not have the original key, I did managed to opened it twice with a pair of keys that do not belong with this trunk. Took me a while to open though and now I do not lock it. We believe this trunk dates to the early 1900s.

    • Hello I purchased a trunk too and mine is locked. May I ask what kinda key did you use to get it open? I can’t find a lot out about these trunks. Mine is a wardrobe with drawers. It is stamped National Trunk Corporation. Seems strange that you can’t find out much oboist them.

  3. I am interested in finding more info on my steamer trunk by the national trunk corporation such as manufacturing year, value, etc

  4. I have a large, flat vulcanized fiber trunk, 27” x 37” x 7”. Tag says Racine Trunk Mfg. Co. Los Angeles Ca.
    Can you tell me anything about this trunk? Thank you.

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