Streets Renamed

Many streets in Racine have been renamed over the years. This topic comes up often enough during Racine history conversations and research that I decided to dedicate a page to streets that have been renamed.

  • What we now know as Wisconsin Avenue was originally called Wisconsin Street until about 1908 or so and then was called South Wisconsin Avenue. (Dennis Tully)
  • College Avenue used to be Barnstable Street and also Pearl Street.
  • North Memorial was Forest Street from Liberty Street to Yout Street. At one time Forest was also between Layard and Romayne. (Matt Sisak)
  • Park Avenue, named after one of the founders of Racine College (DeKoven), was known as Chippewa Street.
  • St. Patrick Street used to be Canada Street.
  • Memorial north of the river used to be Lafayette Avenue.
  • Smieding Avenue was changed to Westwood (Gil Knapp)
  • Edward Street was vacated and ran near the present intersection of Spring and Luedtke (Gil Knapp)
  • Seymour Ave (St.)? It is known today as Lombard Ave. (William Wishau)
  • South Memorial from DeKoven to Durand was Industrial Drive. (Gil Knapp)
  • Herrick became South Memorial Drive